Laboratorio: Poems from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory

On Thursday November 12th, in the Peter Harrison Planetarium, scientists and poets gather to launch Laboratorio. The title of this new anthology refers to UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) but nestled within it is oratorio: this is science for voices, verbal music, song, poetry, lyricism, wordplay, and maybe even…

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury draw close in the evening sky

23 May 2013 – Over the next few days, the solar system’s two brightest planets will be drawing closer together in the evening sky. Venus and Jupiter should be about 5 degrees apart tonight, moving towards a grand conjunction on Tuesday 28 May when they’ll only be 1 degree apart…

The Moon gliding past Mercury, Jupiter & then Venus

The Moon passing by Mercury, Jupiter & Venusplanets

The Sky Tonight – December, 2008

The sky tonight for december 2008